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How does Partbike function?

As soon as they arrive in our premises, the vehicles are referenced, photographed and stored. During dismantling, each vehicle is road-tested to ensure the proper functioning of the mechanical and electrical parts. After depollution of the vehicles, each spare part is disassembled, inspected, cleaned, photographed and then referenced. The waste resulting from dismantling is sorted and recycled.

Each used part in stock is completely traceable from the point of dismantling. We operate a policy of total transparency regarding the vehicle of origin : mileage and date of first circulation. 

Our detailed description is accompanied by real photos in order to fully appreciate the condition of the used spare part prior to purchase. 

Due to their technical nature, our used parts must be reassembled by a professional, in particular all mechanical (engine, gearbox, transmissions etc.), electrical and safety parts.

Process qualité